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Preventative maintenance is the key for your equipment’s longevity.  At Insta-Lift, every manufactures recommendations are followed as per the specifications



Depending on the working environment and the degree to which the equipment is worked, there is a suitable maintenance plan available for all classification of equipment.  Weather its monthly, quarterly, every 4 months or semi-annually each piece of equipment will be thoroughly inspected, lubed, cleaned and the manufactures recommended service will be performed.  In addition, if during normal working hours is too busy for the equipment to be given up for service, arrangements can be made for after hour service, to your convenience. Annual safety inspections can also be performed during routine maintenances to save down time


Newer models of material handling equipment, rely heavily on the battery.  If a battery is not maintained accordingly, issues such as, driveability problems, lifting problems, excess load on motors, premature contactor failure and charging issues may occur leading to increased down time.  A new battery can cost from $1500 upwards to $5000. Save yourself the time and money. Complete battery testing including checking specific gravity, water levels, cables, terminals and connectors as well as battery cleaning all are offered and can be performed during routine maintenances or put on a schedule of their own. 

      TUNE-UPS (LPG)

The basic operation of a propane engine is identical to that of your average vehicles engine. Similarly, it requires maintenances to prolong it life. Oil changes, flushes, complete tune-ups including carb tuning are provided to help your propane truck running clean and efficiently. 

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